Pastor Melissa Scott

Pastor Melissa Scott

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Watch Live Sunday Services & Live Festivals

Pastor Scott broadcasts live every Sunday at 11am Pacific Time. You can also watch the live Festivals of Faith throughout the week here on the Home Network. Pre-recorded teaching from both Pastor Scott and her late husband, Dr. Gene Scott, play during non-live time.

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Pastor Scott's Channel


Watch recent Sunday services covering a variety of Biblical topics -- 24 hours a day.

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Communion Teaching


Communion is the act of remembering the work of grace and healing of Jesus at the cross. Get your elements ready and join Pastor Scott in partaking of Communion.

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¿Entiende La Biblia?

¿Entiende La Biblia?

La enseñanza de la Pastora Scott Traducida en Español presentada 24 horas al dia.

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日本語でスコット牧師の説教を 24時間提供しています

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Naiintindihan ba ninyo ang Bibliya?

Naiintindihan ba ninyo ang Bibliya?

Pastor Scott's teaching translated in Tagalog (Filipino), presented 24 hours a day.

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Connect a ROKU device to your TV and watch Pastor Scott 24/7. Click here for instructions. If you already have a ROKU device, Click here for instructions on how to update to the latest version.


In Los Angeles, you can watch Pastor Scott late nights on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays on KTTV Channel 11, at 2:00am.

Shortwave Radio / Other Broadcasts


If you don't have internet access, you can listen to the program 7 days a week on the following shortwave stations:


Nashville, TN

13.845 MHz - Daytime Frequency

5.935 MHz - Nighttime Frequency


Broadcasting 24 hrs a day - British West Indies

11.775 MHz - Daytime Frequency

6.090 MHz - Nighttime Frequency

AM 690 KHz - 24 hrs a day

AM 1610 KHz - 24 hrs a day

FM 100.1 MHz - 24 hrs a day


To receive the program 24/7 via satellite, call your local satellite dealer and tell them you want to receive a KU Band frequency. These dishes cost about $350 and are about the size of your typical TV Satellite Dish. Use the following coordinates:

Galaxy 25
Longitude Transponder 23 97 degrees West
Frequency 12115 MHz
Polarity is Vertical
Symbol Rate 22.425
FEC Rate 3/4

*We do not sell the satellite dish, please contact your local dealer.


If you live out of state, you can still join us for Sunday Service by watching live on the Internet. Simply return to the HOMEPAGE and click the large red box "Watch Pastor Scott's Live Sunday Service." Remember to call 1-800-338-3030 after the service and let Pastor Scott know that you attended the service online.


Pastor Scott's Home Network also plays on GloryStar TV Channel 119. Visit the GloryStar TV website.